My interview with CENTURY 21 # 1 Real Estate on Curaçao

Everyone I speak to discusses the COVID-19 virus and how it affects our lives. This has consequences for many companies and professions, not only personally but also professionally. All the more reason for me as a real estate and interior photographer to have a conversation with one of my clients. In this blog I have interviewed CENTURY 21 # 1 Real Estate on Curaçao.

What I am interested in is mainly, how they deal with the new situation, but also where the new opportunities lie for them. To find out I asked the following questions to the owner Mr. Nas of CENTURY 21 # 1 Real Estate.

What effect does the COVID-19 virus have on you as a real estate agent in the office, but also on which houses are viewed, offered and sold?

Our brokers work more from home. When working in the office, there is a minimum distance of 2 meters between the workplaces. In addition, Hand Sanitizer and antibacterial spray are provided. You cannot just walk into our office, but we will work by appointment.

More virtual viewings are being done via WhatsApp, Skype and other video options. More videos are being posted on the website and 3D tours are also being offered for homes for sale.

Has closing the borders as a result of the COVID-19 virus had much effect on the housing market?

Yes, this has had a major effect. About half of our clients are not resident of Curaçao. As a result, they cannot come to the island, so not everything can be arranged. As a result of this, the number of sales has decreased.

Despite the COVID-19 virus setbacks, have new opportunities or changing insights emerged?

This new situation also offers our office new opportunities and possibilities. You see a shift from selling a home to renting out a home. Prices are falling which can have a positive effect on the buyer market. Tourists are also aware of the virus and no longer opt for mass tourism. They exchange an All Inclusive hotel with buffets and full beaches for quieter destinations. This makes them more interested in boutique hotels, apartments and holiday villas on Curaçao.

How do you see the future as a broker?

It will get tough in the short term; you do a lot of work, but earnings drop. However, in the long run it will get better than before the arrival of the COVID-19 virus. Curaçao is and remains a unique destination with relatively cheap real estate prices. Curaçao has the ideal climate and is outside the hurricane zone.


So you could argue that here too it is difficult to start, but it offers opportunities in the long term. The shift from sales to rental is not immediately the most attractive but can ultimately generate a lot of income. Curaçao also remains an attractive island to live on. The COVID-19 virus has more or less turned the world upside down so it will not stop a buyer from choosing Curaçao after we can travel without restrictions again. This offers possibilities and opportunities for the real estate agencies in Curaçao. With this blog I would like to thank CENTURY 21 # 1 Real Estate for their cooperation.

Do you want to sell your house or are you an interested buyer? Then take a look at the website of CENTURY 21 # 1 Real Estate and view the options. Do you need a professional photographer to sell your own home on Curaçao? Fill in the quotation form without obligation and I will be happy to contact you to discuss the possibilities.

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