5 reasons to hire a professional photographer


Why hire a professional photographer on Curaçao?

Today, everyone has a camera that allows them to take photos or videos. And let’s not forget our smartphones where the best cameras are built-in. Of course, anyone can take a nice photo once, but these cannot necessarily be used as promotional material. Think of weddings in which a niece of the bride takes the photos, because she has a food blog and can therefore photograph food beautifully.

It is of course everyone’s own choice but there is a big difference between an amateur photographer or a professional photographer on Curaçao. A professional photographer has received training and can tell you everything about his or her camera and which position gives the best results. I have compiled for you the five most important reasons why you should hire a professional photographer on Curaçao.

1- Photography is a specialized profession

As already written above, anyone can of course take a photo with their telephone or camera. A professional photographer understands how the best photo can be taken and with which lens. A professional photographer can take a series of good photos and always knows how to put down a good report. As a professional photographer in Curaçao, I know exactly how to deal with sunlight. Consider shooting with the sea in the background, it sounds simple but in practice this is really different.

2- Be different from the others

A professional photographer can work with you to ensure that you distinguish yourself from others with a strong imageI know which factors all contribute to a strong image, both in terms of content and from a technical point of view. It is precisely in this time when the photos fly around your ears that you have to make high-quality images and stick them with people.

3- Professional photos ensure better sales

Of course it costs money to hire a professional photographer on Curaçao and people often shop for the cheapest. But don’t forget, with the right professional images where the product or service comes out perfectly, you will quickly earn back your investment. Most people think in images and do not like pieces of text. You will certainly receive more guests with a professional photo of your B&B than with self-made photos.

4- The post-processing is a lot more professional

Taking a nice photo yourself is nothing wrong with that, but how do you handle post-processing? As a professional photographer, I always edit my photos and transfer them to the correct files. Post-processing a photo is already a training in itself. You must have a lot of technical knowledge and insight to professionally edit a photo. For professional photography, post-processing is therefore not an option but a requirement.

5- In Curaçao it is a must to hire a professional photographer.

Curaçao is a beautiful island where many investors settle. Think of the many Europeans and Americans who have a house built or start a business here. Look at AirBnB or Booking.com and you do not believe your eyes, so many offers of vacation rentals on Curaçao. In order to stand out as an entrepreneur on Curaçao, you need quality photos. Potential customers want to be convinced with photos to go for your product or service. On Curaçao you can’t make it with a photo report made with a telephone.

Do you also want your vacation accommodation or property on Curaçao to be perfectly recorded? Request a quote without obligation! Take advantage of the benefits of a professional photographer and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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